Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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Toca gym

Can you make a toca gym or gymnastics gym


So this game is SO FUN BUT I just wish the game would update and be connected with the other games that is it so please =(


I AM A HUGE FAN! One update for Toca city, you can make mustaches and beards in the hair salon. And make a kitchen.

I️ love this

So I really like this game and I don’t have any problems I️ just want to so you should totally make a toca sports with swimming and all that and a toca war zone!

Amazing but...

I love all toca like games and toca not Life games but in the video add for toca hospital The character/avatar thing in the video had like these swirly eyes how do you do that?

Game idea for Christmas!

Hi it's me again toca gamer you all probably read my review on toca life office but I think it would be cool to make a toca life game for Christmas! I know you all would not have a lot of time to make it but maybe you could do one next year. Anyway what I was thinking is that there would be four places to go to. 1.A Christmas tree farm where you can pick out a tree that you like or something like that. 2. A skating rink where you can ice skate and choose a pair of skates that you like and skate in the rink. 3. A house where you can decorate a tree go outside and play in the snow and also have a dinner. 4. The North Pole! Where you can see santa,elves,and his reindeer and sleigh and wrap presents! I think I would be great idea so you should definitely make it at some point so please think about it! Your friend, Toca gamer.

Awesome needs a few updates tho

I LOVE this app but I was watching vids of this game and they gave them like a weird thing and they turned sick however when I do it it does not work pls make it work because I REALLY want to have sick patients😍

Ok app but needs a little help

It's OK. There's a couple things I want to suggest maybe a house because it gets kind of boring for every day to be at the hospital and there's not many people either. Maybe add a couple more people that look like because it's very hard to make a family. Sure it's fun but there's a little bit of fixing to do for this app. I rate this app two stars because I think it can get boring time to time.

Idea but amazing plz make

I absolutely LOVE the game but I wish that you would make a Toca:Hollywood with apartments for the actresses and movie set ups and a hair salon and clothes ora zoo with a polar section and a safari section and a grassland section or a Toca with different templates so if you choose Hollywood for example you can play in that and then play in the zoo for example Plz make, Toca fan

Great app but one thing

Make it so they have houses, because all it is is a hospital , like what do you do with a patient when there all fixed, I need homes so if u can make an update and do houses that would mean a lot to me.

Make more!!!!!

I LOVE THE GAMES!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️but make more like 10I love toca boca and its a good game to play like if you have no wifi! So please make more add add updates more.😉😊😁


Ok so me and my friend made up ideas for a Toca life:hospital without asking you guys and OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE! but I want to tell you something you could add first like when someone’s in the bed in the baby room maybe a button on top that only works when someone’s in the bed and you can create a baby and choose its gender decorate it give its swaddle blanket a color make a skin tone and make it so it can grow up into different ages and choose what the older versions will look like to and its birthday yeahhhh and then when you click the character in the bed the baby will come out and choose the name and under the character it will show its name also in the secret room can you make the secret room bigger and um so when a charecter goes in the tank in the secret room when you take her out she has circling eyes and she looks like a bloody scientist and you can decorate her lab coat,goggles,hair and then when you click on her she’ll turn back to normal or scientist! 💋Toca life fan By the way my name is Sophie

i love it

its great game and i share it with my little cousins when i visit them, all of the interactions are amazing. one thing we’d like is maybe a bandage roll that you can put anywhere on the body instead of set bandages for different body parts. also i think that making a toca waterpark or zo would be a good idea thanks

Toca Mall

Me and my sister love toca life games! And we have some suggestions!! We would love love love a toca life mall, zoo, aquarium, neighborhood, college, mountain resort, New York, We hope you take these suggestions into consideration!!!! And also..... WE LOVE THE GRANDMA’S IN EVERY GAME SO PLEASE KEEP MAKIG THEM!!! Go Toca!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Toca pet life

I love this game. My friends and I were talking about a new app idea, toca pet land life, with a vet, home, groomers, puppy park, and dog mall. We also talked about a water park one but we are still thinking about it. We also thought of Toca North Pole

Germs don't work

I love this game and all the other games but the germs don't work for me and my friends I try to feed it to the toca characters but nothing happens. Otherwise this game is amazing!!!!


I love all of the toca life's that I have. I have an idea for a new game. Most likely you won't see this but if you do my suggestion is Toca Life:College. I think that this will be a cool one because it's different then the school and I feel as if it will be more interesting then Toca life school. I think you could have dorms and then of corse the school campus. Also I think you should add in a family home so the College kids can visit there family. There could be a train station as well that will "take" you to the beach or like a movie theater or maybe even like a hangout spot. If you see this thanks for looking into my idea!

Where is the secret lab?

I got it but I couldn’t find the secret lab, if you know where it is, please tell me! But it is still a really great game!😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Hey! I saw a few suggestions about a "Toca Train" and the train connects to the different Toca Life's. that's an amazing idea! Toca Boca, I'd love to see this happen.

Great all around

This Is a great app! I love the interactive gameplay and the flexibility of the story line You can keep playing and find more surprises! I just LOVE that. I do have a few notes 1. Could you add some houses for healthy people and doctors? I think it would be more realistic. 2.can you fix the bad glitch? When you put a stuffed and I also or real animal or object in the bed you can’t put a person in. 3.could you add more doctorss I want to have one doctor work at each station.

A question

Were is the last red button? I can’t find it help me find out how to finish getting into the secret lab please.

I give it four stars!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The game is sooooooooooooo great but......... can you please make a update that has like three houses and some clothes that is the same as the pregnant clothes but not pregnant?Please! Please! And please! I am begging you for this update!!!!!! 😬🙏🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🏘

Awsome I want you to make...

Omg I love this game and all the toca boca games, but, I really really really, really!!! Want you to make toca life mermaids. I would defiantly play toca mermaids. It would be Awsome if you could❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Super awesome can u add some stuff

So, this is like my favorite game ever. It's so cool all the stuff. Could u add that the pregnant person can give birth and that u can change the baby's clothes? If so, thanks!! Also could u please please please make a toca life zoo?! Plz update it

Amazing but

So the pills are not working please fix that and thanks

Glitches glitches glitches

I love this game at all but there's one problem whenever I goto the science lab and I'm trying to go to another place and in the character disappears behind it and then the character ends up in the wrong place please fix this😰😰😰


This game is great but on my device the pills don't make people sick like their supposed to but anyways I love the sloths!!!!!!!!😜I also think you should make the apartment 5 stories on Toca city and you need to make more cute outfits on the farm. Also you need to make a train station or plane that connects all the toca life games you own.i also agree with#PInkieLife you need a zoo with🦉🐵🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸🐔🐧🐦🐤🐥🦆🐣🦅🦉🦇🐺🐗🐴🦄🐝🐛🦋🐌🐬🐡🐟🐠🐳

I have another idea

All of the Toca life games are so fun! I think there should also be a Toca Life Waterpark. I have been having this idea for a long time and I REALLY want the creators to make one. That would be my dream! :D

Madison 🦋🦋😃

I ❤️ every single toca boca game,but in the hospital game,you have a 👶🏻 and never go 🏡.So I think you should ad 1 more location,like you did with toca life:City,but instead of a post office,you should add a house.And I'm sure lots of other toca fans out there think the same thing!!😘😘

Needs work

I love toca boca but you need to be able to travel from the school to the city. I want all of the worlds to be connected


I might've spelt amazing wrong I don't know anyway I LOVE your games there AMAZING 😉 but there is a problem well there not like you want to play it every day you like play it for about a week and you only play it every once and a while so could mabe to make more interesting like have a update to where the games are connecting? But say you don't have.....just say farm or school well if you taped on it it wouldent work couse you didn't by it but the other games will since i have all the games I came up with a story some one who lived in toca town wanted a vacation because he had a job in toca city so he went to toca vacation to take a break but then he got hurt falling of his surf board or something and he had to go to toca hospital then he went back after he healed he had to get fresh fruits from toca farm and then he moved to toca school so his son could go to school but then he got fired from his old job and when his son got out of school he mover to toca office and continued there THE END and ya so ya plz plz connect the games I feel like it wasn't worth 24$if you don't count the two I got free but thank you for listening 😅sorry about the words I'm bad at spelling games still amazing thank you by kitty cat🐱. Btw not all of the games are like you only play for a week i achuly think that there still fun to play like school office city and hospital

Best game ever buuuut I have a request

Awesome game but maybe you could make an update for the app where you could have babies and fix the germ glitch and maybe another house 🔜🏠🚧 idk but at least please make the toca life:space I requested in a review in toca life: school and just so you know I luuuuuuuuv yo games peace out ✌🏻️

This game is cool, but I have a problem

My Toca’s won’t get sick when I give them the little viruses!


I am 13 years old and have been playing your games since I was 9. I have/love all of your games, but this one is a bit confusing. I have watched a lot of videos on this particular game, and nothing seems to work. I can’t make any of the characters sick, there are no buttons to go in the secret lair in the basement, they can’t eat anything, and they always disappear if I don’t put them in the character bar if I want to go to a different floor. Please fix! Also, some of your players are total GENIUSES!! They have thought up of the wonderful idea of a world with a train station, houses, attractions, a gift shop and a train that connects to the other toca life apps! This is a wonderful idea, and you should be proud that you have such bright players! Please, please, PLEASE consider this new app on behalf of all of you amazing players! Thank you so much!

Idea for a new game

My idea is that their is a toca life shopping mall with a whole bunch of stores and their would be multiple houses. Also their would be a swimming pool with water slides and a baby pool. Next their would be a park for the kids to go on and a park for the baby's too. I hope that you consider my idea.

Nice game! But.....

Ok, this is a nice game, but it gets boring REALLY FAST! I played this for half a month and deleted it because it was boring.

A Small Problem

I love this game and I think it is wonderful. I think it is great but there is a small problem. The "viruses" or "sickness" things that the characters can eat are not working. This is only a small problem that can be fixed but other than that this is an absolutely amazing game.

Connect the games!!!❤️

I absolutely love love love toca boca, but it would be awesome if you could bring people and things from one game into another! Like if you buy the apps you can connect them! Or like it was mentioned in a previous review adding another app called Toca Travel or something as a travel station that you would need to buy in order to connect the apps! Overall I think it would totally improve gameplay and I would buy all the toca life apps if I could connect them!

I think it should be free

You should make a toca life app free like toca amusement park free if you ever make it I love these games and cheak out my channel shuger sprinkels channel

The germs don’t work

I got toca Hospital on my phone and when tried to use the germs they find my work.they didn’t make my people sick. I have an IPhone so please fix this ASAP

It's a great game but..

In other devices you can get sick but in this one you can't.... Isn't that why some people go to the hospital? I mean you include death so why can't they get sick? Why is getting sick bad? This is a great game!


I love all the toca life games and I also have some suggestions. Maybe u guys could add a toca life: royalty. Where u can be any rank in royalty like princess, king,queen,made,cook, etc. and there can be a castle ( a big castle) and a little town. With mermaids and fairys. Also it would be cool if u could add a toca life: mall. Where it's this big mall with a lot of shops where u could get food, clothes, toys , etc. and u could have a food court like in real malls. One last thing. It would be AWESOMELY AMAZING if u could make....... wait for it. A toca life: world. Where u take every toca life ( please no toca town) and add them all together in one app. And please keep the cost for toca world at 2.99 I beg. And every update would be a new section of the world. Now that would be a dream come true. I love toca and these r just ideas so I'll be fine if u don't make these. And if u can please reply back if u can. 😀😃😄😁😆 have a nice day.♥️


It was a great game and I enjoyed playing it. It was fun predicting the kids were sick, injured, or dying! Well deisned.

Great game but..

It's an awesome very fun game but all of a sudden it gets glitchy then I crash so please fix and maybe you'll get a better review

I'm the first to write so please read

Guess what? Toca life hospital came out on April 12 for me! And I have an iPad mini. CHECK THE APP STORE THE DAY BEFORE ANY TOCA LIFE GAME COMES OUT! who knows? Maybe it will come out early like it did for me. Thanks for reading!!! P.S. on the bottom floor click the button behind the pot in the very left side.behind the machine by the clothing thingy.on the left side of the ambulance there is another button. In the locker there is a button.and behind the three blue towels that are stacked. Then by the pot you should be able to pull a lever that will lead you to the secret lab.


This is personally my favorite Toca life game. It’s incredibly detailed and so fun! There are a few bugs that I hope can be worked out, like how the viruses don’t work on apple devices. ‭

Ideas, Ideas!

I so ❤️ this game but I have a few suggestions. Number one, can you make, IDK...... Toca Marriage? Also, Add more rooms this to game, like maybe the old people room? Anywho. I need you to add more babies! This game is epic and I think all of you should play it, only if your parents allow you to! 🤗😊😀😁


So I think is good but how to get lab? I m not play yet!

Love ittttt

I love your games they are amazing but I have a suggestion I think in your games you should add driving cars so you can drive to the places that you go I think it would be a very good touch to the game!!!!!!

I love this game!!! But...

This is an awesome game! But I would love a house for doctors and non sick people, and there's a slight bug with making people sick. In toca's videos, you can see them make people sick by feeding them germs but that doesn't work for me. Overall, really fun but could use some improvements.

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