Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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I like it but I can’t make the person have a baby So if you can fix that please I would be happy

I can't stop playing!!😄

I love this game sooooo much! Me and my brother also love your YouTube channel!we have so much fun playing your games there all so creative!!but can you make some games free like Toca office???🤔🤔🤔

Here’s some fun game ideas for Toca boca

I love this app and I think you should make another one! There could be a jungle or a rainforest! With a waterfall of course! And koala bears and monkeys and tropical fruit and Flowers!

Needs more things

Hey I was on this app today and I noticed that there’s nothing there but the hospital. Maybe you could add a little more to this app. Like if you added apartments and a house and like a park that allows sick people to have fun and not feel like their stuck in the hospital for the rest of their life’s. I’m just saying that maybe you could add some of my thoughts into the game because I just think having just the hospital is a little boring. So maybe if you would like take my thoughts into consideration.

Pregnant peeps!

I love the pregnant people because da babies are so cute

I love this game

The game is really good and I love playing it but I wish I could get sick like in the YouTube add please make that happen

Please read

Not the best ok add a house to it not so hard But overall a good game it is ok bye

Toca life: Space

I’m a little psyche and I have a feeling that toca life space is coming out. If so you should I had a good amount of beds and instead of bed you could do space bunkers. AnyWho love your apps they are so amazing. But I do wish your made a little bit more houses. So you can maybe Make more apartments in Toca life City for example. The Toca Hospital game is cool. I really wish you would add a place to where they could like play around and she could like brake her arm there, because of the jungle gym. That would add this game a lot fun you could make it on the roof or something.

maybe transportation?

one reviewer said they think trains and car should be added into toca life. this would would add another game, but players could also go from game to game with the same character. you could have bus stops, train stations, car washes and repair shops. i would also recommend putting houses in toca stable and toca hospital, so the players have some where to live. if you connect all of the apps it would make the video process easier for players who have someone who works at the office, but likes the thrill of riding horses. i truly love the games and they help with my anxiety. i know they were made for entertainment, but it really calms down a person. some other toca life ideas are toca zoo, toca waterpark, and toca sports. keep on making games, i can’t wait for future ones!!


Hi! I absolutely love your Toca Life series and have bought every single one. Although these games are targeted towards younger children, even as a teenager I enjoy them. I’ve always liked expressing myself through stories ( particularly dramatic ones) and the Toca life series has really given me the freedom to do so 🙂 If anyone reading this is questioning purchasing Toca Boca games because they they are made for younger children and you feel your “to old” or you think you’ll get teased for having a children’s game, trust me and just get one. If your friends tease you about it, encourage them to try it too. Toca life series is an amazing outlet for people of all ages to let their imagination flow.


Will you pls make a aquarium I love love your games I can’t get enough of them but I wish you could have an aquarium game in addition to this game pls give credit to me for idea 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

Amazing game but...

I love the game. It's amazing. But... I still don't know how to have babys. Sorry, about the spelling, I am only 8.


I absolutely adore Toca Boca games; especially Toca Life. They are super cute, rich with diversity, and not limiting their apps to just young kids. I’m in my teens, and I really do feel entranced with the apps. But I have a few suggestions. I have been a little bored, after discovering most of the secrets hidden in the apps, and I was wondering if you could add weather? There could be special events, like snowboarding, if you were to set the weather to snow. The water bodies like lakes and ponds could freeze over, and you could go ice skating. During the summer, surfing could be an option, and there could be things like summer crafts at festivals. In the fall, there could be hidden creatures you would have to find in the piles of leaves and the darkening trees. But you could keep all those creatures once you’ve discovered them. Sorry this is a little messily thought out; I’ve been studying for three hours! But if you developers could voice your opinions on my suggestions, I’d be really flattered, and glad! Thanks!


I Looooooove this game. Anyone who is reading this, Don’t listen to the People who say bad game. Get it!!!!! The only prob is I wish you could press a button and a baby will come out!!!!!

I love Toca Boca!

I love toca boca so much it’s the best! I have some idea maybe you could make a toca life movie star and you could it look like Hollywood Please make a toca life movie star. From, Hamilton

I have some suggestions

You should have all the apps connected for more fun. I love all the toca life apps they are so much fun

Must read

If any one knows what that room on floor number three with the candles is please tell me


Ideas for new Toca Life games! (Some of these came from other reviews) 1. Toca Life: Design-A town consisting of a dance studio, art studio, music studio, fashion studio, and character creating studio (there should be a way to make our own outfits and import them to other games!) 2. Toca Life: Water Park-A town consisting of an area with a pool, water slides, a pool supply shop, a hotel, and a house 3. Toca Life: Fashion- A game where you can completely design your own characters, outfits, and hairstyles, and pay $1 to import it to other games!! 4. Toca Life: Trains- A train station where your characters can ride from one town to another (such as Toca Life: City to Toca Life: Hospital) 5. I think there should be more studio apartments in Toca Life: City, Toca Life: Town, and Toca Life: Farm! I hope you like these ideas, (mine and others) and PLEASE try to make some of these come true!


I LOVE these apps, but I feel like I’m limited. I would like it better if all of them were combined. Like the hospital and the city. I just feel limited on playing this. And buying all the apps, I know it gives y’all more money but as a buyer, if I’m going to pay, I want the best. Not trying to be rude or anything. Just making suggestions!!

Want more but love 💗

Make new games please I am the one who suggested Toca kingdom and the other toca games to many to count on the reviews of toca life pets I am under age so I couldn’t send it to you on Facebook or instagram sorry just please read my review and suggestions on toca life pets reviews!! Thanks love your games

New games!!!!

My name is probably familiar because I have wrote two reviews before. I love toca boca because I’ve played with it since I was six and I still do even though I’m ten. But I think everyone loves your games including me and we need more ! In my other review I named some games you could make so you probably are thinking about that but yeah. MORE GAMES PLS💙💚💛❤️🧡💙💙❤️💜💚

Can't do this

I can't make people sick even though I tried everything


I LOVE your games I recommend them to my friends. I play them day and night (I don't get sleep) THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃

Get this game!

I really love all the Toca Boca games! I think they are very well thought out and incredibly well made. I’ve always wanted a game that would let you do what you want. My little siblings ❤️ this game. Perfect for little kids and really, enjoyable for any age. If you want a entertaining game to play for hours, here it is! Please keep making the games! 😁👍🏻

Just plain ol’ Amazing!!!

To start, I’ve been playing Toca Life games for ages! I’m 11 turning 12 next month and I play them everyday. Whenever a new Toca Life game comes out, I beg my parents to go to the store and buy me an Apple Card so I can buy the new game. But I do have one question and a little something you should add that many many reviews have in them. So...Where at what floor is the Farewell room? I am so confused with this! On floor 3, I see a girl and an elderly man. Is that the Farewell room? Next! I really really really want you guys to either make and app or add this into the games. A plane or boat that we can ride on with our favorite characters from each game to transfer to another game. Like for example, what if someone in Toca Life: Vacation got bit by a shark or had an accident? Then I would like to bring him/her to the hospital! Or what if I am trying to sell a horse out of Toca Life: Stable to a farmer that needs one? Then I could transfer the horse, and the person who owns the horse to Toca Life: Farm by boat! Wouldn’t all of this be so cool? I think so! So please, add in a boat or plane into every game or make an app that lets you go to the apps you have downloaded with the character of those apps and switch to different apps! Thank you for reading so much!


🧚🏻‍♀️ shup lad! I’m Allie I’m eight and PEOPLE WANT TOCA ZOO JUST RIDE YOU MADE DUMB TOCA LIFE PETE NOT HAPPY -Allie🧞‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🦄🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


I really love playing this game! My only problem is that you have to pay $2.99 for this game, and there’s not even that much to do! They are very good games, but it’s not worth paying for! Either make them more interesting for ALLLLLLL AGESSSS!!!!...or make all toca boca games FREEEE!!!!!

A little bit disappointing

I have been loyal to the toca life series but Toca after buying almost all of your toca life apps I think I may be done they are starting to feel pointless it's confusing having so many toca life's when honestly I only want one large life where I can travel and have fun in all the places I bought feeling like I'm wasting my money and time.

Need another game

I love the Toca life games but I have them all and u should make a full police one and fire department one just like the hospital one and more fun games and those r games I would be looking forward to plz make them

Toca Life Hollywood

All of the Toca life apps are amazing I love your apps and I was wondering if you guys could make a Toca life Hollywood. Keep up to good work❤️😊


I liked it a lot. I hope they make a toca life:wedding I hope that happens

This game is a must get but…

Love this game but idk how to make sloths in the secret lab plz tell me how to make sloths someone I need to know desperately


This game cost me so much money I don't know why people say It's amazing but like this game you can to anything but move people around and set fire alarms 🚨 it's THE WORST GAME EVER PLUS IT TOOK MY MONEY 💰

App idea

Since you have already made a toca life hospital you should create a toca life dentist/orthodontist so you can give characters braces, it would be just like hospital but with dentistry. Another thing is that in future games if there’s an apartment it would have many floors like the hotel in toca vacation because then you could have choices and many people living in it. If theres houses have multiple houses / bedrooms.

Please make a house!!!

I love Toca Life:Hospital but it would be nice if the characters could go to work and when they are done go home. Please make a house!!!😍🤩🏡

Toca Boca life hospital is great

This app is great for not only children of all ages, but also for adults who want to explore their curiosity side. In this app, and in all the Toca life apps, your child can create fun stories, use applications, and take videos of their experience in the app. I highly recommend this particular app for kids who have a strong interest in science. Here, they can explore the many applications in the hospital, like X-rays or CAT scans, and play the role of both the doctor and the patient. They can become scientists and preform science experiments in the secret lab, or help deliver a baby in the 3rd floor of he hospital. This game lets kids explore the imaginative side of their personally and even at 15 years old, it stays an active app on my phone.

Toca boca

I love toca boca. I think you should make a new one that has a train that you can put all your favorite characters on and ride the train to what ever toca game you have. Hope you can do something like this - Ella Gardenhire

I love it!!! But....

This is an AMAZING APP!!!! This is a WONDERFUL toca boca life app! I recommend this one for sure! The little sloth creatures are so cute! (I’m not gonna spoil :) But there is one little bug... I can’t make them sick.. 😢 I really wanted to see them get sick... because I saw in the trailer that you could make them sick and I thought that was very cleaver to teach how the doctor only wants to help. (That is the message I got) and I’m not going to be one of those people who put down one or more star(s) because they had one little problem. But in the end this is an awesome app and I can say because I spend like 2 hours a day on it! Thank u toca boca! I love every single one of your apps!

Fun...but wild secrets

It is an amazing game but....there is one problem. There is a few secrets thorough out the game that are not stable for children. There is gambling and a kid with cancer! That is wrong 😠😢😢

Love it 😍 (also PLEASE read!!!)

I love ❤️ this app but I want them to A, be free and B,I have an awesome idea for a new app toca life: water park 🏊🏻‍♀️ . People can go down double tube, ride kiddy section, wave 🌊 pool,and a of course water 💦 slides. And also a gift 🎁 shop (please make a toca life : water park because I totally get it) 🦄🦄🦄🦄

*A baby screams* Athhhhhhhhooomwe!

Hi! There’s is just a tiny probllama that needs to be fixed... PLEASE ADD A STICKER PACK TO ALL TOCA LIFE APPS! Thanks for reading, May the force be with you!

It could be better

I thought when I got this it was coming with a house but I was wrong for the next up date can it have a house please and thank you


I really want to see a Toca BOAC game of everyday life where you have a bunch of houses to choose from and you can chose from a bunch of people and kids so you can have your own family and personalize your houses and rooms and stuff I think it would be a big hit


My bro has it and so do I the sick feature works on his phone but not on my iPad. I WANT THAT FEATURE AND ITS UNFAIR I DON'T HAVE IT AND HE DOES!!

A few problems on my I Pad

So, first I LOVE ALL UR TOCA BOCA!!!!! 🌹❤️💛💚💙💜💞💕but there's a problem on my I Pad, it won't let me get my patents sick, and have baby's. It's really getting on my nerve 💔🥀 I wish I had the new taco boca life pets! And maybe you could add Toca Life Wilderness! Ware you explore hudden caves, lost relics, meet pirets maybe even be one! And maybe... POOPING AND FARTING OUT REINBOWS!!!!! Well, for the unicorn 😅 but yeah, and maybe a Kamodo Dragon for a pet? That would be so Awsome I would have no words!!!! 😁😆😄😃😀!! And sorry if I'm spelling things wrong 😅. But maybe an update on Toca Life Hospital so that you can get sick and have baby's! Maybe even together! That would be top notch! And base one of ur Toca Life's on a video game? Huh huh? How whould that sound!? Amazing right!!!! Maybe mincraft or or knack? Maybe later on you could acouly make animations!!! Like who's with me???? I am!! Well, I'm in myself so... 😅 last things... I LIKE UNICORNS AND FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


There should be an app where u can transported people to each app! With a large map and a big train with a place to put tings and a place to eat and where the coboose/ conductor are!! And then a place where before you get on the train you can get snacks and hang out and then another area where you check in and get your ticket!! This would be a dream if this came true!!! Please please please please please please please please please please do this!!! sorry if this is to long A Toca boca fan ❤️

Amazing|Good for all ages!

Toca Life Hospital is AMAZING. Sometimes it can lag depends on what device though, anyways this app is really fun, it works for all ages honestly I’m 10 years old and I don’t get judged for playing this when I’m bored, and a lot of my friends have it too. All ages would love to play this if you buy it, so give it a try. |I think they could add instead of getting the baby it would pop out of the girl from a button -Idea not BY ME, by another review| DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!

Love and hate it

It’s a lat of fun, I love to play your games but the only thing I have a problem with is that I can’t find the Secret lab

It's a good app, but...

I wish you would make it so that the characters would get sick after eating the germs. Please? Thanks!😄


Omg I'm sad I have to buy this and I can buy no more

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