Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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So fun in the secret lab 🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬🔬

You have’t to buy the app 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠


I think this game is amazing, and would’ve given it five stars, if it weren’t for this one problem. If you give a patient a ‘germ’ they don’t get sick! I used to have this on my old phone, which was a Samsung, and the germs made them sick on there. Please fix this!


This is a really fun game I know why people hate on it I think it is amazing, keep up the good work Toca 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😛😛😛😛😜😜😜😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

You will always be my people...

I was looking at the dr. panda town game and realized that you can access their other town games! We have been asking for that forever! You will always be my people, but you really need to connect the apps somehow! Please!!! -Toca lover

Help me

Dear Toca boca How do you diy because please can you help me and in the next update can you make the lab easier to find oh and make a another floor please please help me please


I have a suggestion toca sports

Making people sick

On iOS devices you can’t make people sick, even with the latest updates this ruins all the fun for the game

Please fix the sick bug

Ok I LOVE to toca boca games but when I feed the people germs they NEVER get sick. I’ve had it on an IPhone IPad and IPod but it doesn’t work. Please try and fix this bug.

My favorite!! I got the After School, 3rd

Anyway, so the game is AWESOME!! But the pills don’t work, nor the viruses. I was disappointed. The game crashes in like a hour, no biggie, but if you could fix it that would be great. All in all good game. Please fix the pill/viruses... and the crashing... You guys need to fix this app please I wished the pills worked But they don’t. And that annoys me a lot


I think u should also make a another game but have it a daycare one


Hi I am loving this game! But I was wondering if you were willing to add a new location to it! I have been longing to see what cool new locations you will add to your apps! Thank you for all you do!

Making people sick

Hey everyone wants to make some of these characters sick right? Yes Toca Boca hasn’t added it onto iPhone yet or iPod. I don’t know when they will add it but everyone should keep asking them to add it. It’s a good app it’s just the sickness

yes papi - the review


Awesome game/ few ideas

Hey, Toca I really love this game but it could use an update could you please add a gift shop and a house? Anyways, l love it and the secret lab is my favorite part great job on this game!❤️❤️❤️


This game is really good but there is something that you could improve. I noticed that on the phone version you can’t make the people sick. I think it would be a lot more fun if they could get sick so if you can make that possible that would be awesome. Other than that I would recommend this app to all my friends and family.

I love this game

The game is really good and I love playing it but I wish I could get sick like in the YouTube add please make that happen #####savage Is be so pleased with this thanks

Great work!

You guys are doing great!

Toca Dentist

This app is amazing! I have been waiting for a toca hospital to come out for so long! I thought a Toca Dentist would be a good app idea too. Keep up the great work!

Love it but one suggestion

I really love this app but I think you should really have a house because you can’t live at the hospital. I want to be able to bring the baby home and pretend that the character better that you so much I hope you add this

Luv it have an awesome idea

Luv toca life and have all of them. Dear toca I have an idea you should add a button to each game so we can have the little toca people go though toca universe. For example say I don’t like someone’s hairstyle in a game like toca school so you pull the toca person into the button and takes them to another world. Or you are playing and want to take your pet in toca town to the vet pull the person with the pet into the button. If you want a toca person to move from the city to the town pull them into the button and take them to the town. Please take this into consideration thanks.


HI i just love your games and i always give a 5 star rate to all of my reviews!! Im just suggesting some things that i heard a lot of people ask for and some things i want for myself first TOP WANTED thing is connecting the game if its possible to do so, i also want to tell you the second Most wanted thing toca zoo i also would like it if you made a toca space and a toca hollywood if i spelled that right thx for reading!


I need more space for the families to stay while their kids are hurt


I love Toca life games but I think it will be cool if thare was a buss to transfer character from game to game but it will work just for the toca life games you have

Good Job Guys, just a few future ideas:

We love this game and everything about it. We love looking around for the secrets and how the parents don’t need to have kids taller then them. The recording detail is a great thing for us to make movies with each other. The ambulance is great. One suggestion. There should be a way to make them look sick. Or at least sad. They’re in a hospital for crying out loud! Here are our ideas for future Toca Life Apps: Toca Life Mansion: You start the screen with a blank mansion. You customize it into anything within some given templates and can change whenever. Floors would include bedroom, indoor pool, some kinda sports court, etc. Toca Life Mueseum: You can make your own paintings and mix items together to make sculptures. Additional Ideas: Toca Life Space, Toca Life Rollerskating Rink, Toca Life Bakery, Toca Life Theatre, Toca Life Theme Park, Toca Life Family Tree We hope you could take time to read this and maybe consider some of our ideas. We thought these might get your wheels turning. You don’t have to do all of them, one would be AMMMMMAAAAAZING! Thx! -Toca Cousins


I ❤️ all toca boca games,but when you have babies 👶🏻 on the game,you just stay at the hospital.So could you make an update that gives a little 🏡 or something so you don’t just have to stay at the hospital?In other words,I love this game.And if your gonna buy this game,then.....

LUV IT!!!!

This game was just AMAZING! I cannot wait until you add other ones. I was da first one to buy the game and I've been WATCHING, WATCHING UNTIL April 13! ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 I 😍 it a lot. P. S, add toca life zoo. PLEAAAASE!!! P.P.S, Add a toca life water park. I collect all ur games. Even ones you made in the future.


I love Toca Boca but I want to know how to make people sick please but otherwise it is so cool


This game came out on my birthday, so I thought it would be awesome. Sadly I was wrong. To me, the viruses should work. It’s not fair to put the viruses working into the trailer, but once you get it, they don’t work. I would love for them to work, and that would bring my review rate up to a 5 because everything else is spot on, except for that one thing. If you read this, please see if you could change it to where the characters can get the viruses so we can cure them. Thank you for reading this, and I hope if you are a maker of the game, you will change it.


I have most of the Toca life games and I absolutely LOVE ❤️ them. Me and my friends always play this game together. I think you should make a toca life game where you can create your own house and then make people live in it. You could make over 2 houses and save them. Like toca city, PLEASE make sure you put a lot of clothes and a hair salon because some times I play the game and I wish I could change their hair. Anyways you should make the game called Toca Life House. Anyways I ❤️ ur games and keep up the good work!


My friend has Toca life hospital on her Kendal and I have it on my iPad on her Kendal she can make the patients sick with the germs and she can hel them with the pills but on my ipad I can’t do it so I think you should put it on other devices not just the Kendal.thx

Awesome!! 😍😍 But.....

This game is awesome!!! I got it a year ago and I still play with it!! The only problem is it says u can make ppl sick but whenever I try they still look like they just finished all the games In a fair or something. please fix this!! But otherwise I love this app!!🤩 but something u can add to this game is how they got hurt. Can u maybe connect the games? They could get hurt in the other games and come here!! Lookin back at the review is a lot of ppl agree so PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


This is a really great game, I enjoyed playing it, but it can get a little boring after a bit. I still love it though! Keep it up! I have a Toca Life idea: Toca Life: Amusement Park!

Alaijah flowers

I really like your Toca boca games but if u don’t make Toca boca games for free then your just making sad

The seacerit lab

Find six red bunttens then it will be open

Toca read this

Ok so I think you should also make a toca. Royalty with kings and stuff and aquarium and more.

It's ok....I guess

You guys should add homes for other people there is only one room ok the top floor.

I don’t like it I LOVE IT!

Ok so I’m 11 and I love these Toca boca games. Ever since I brought this game I loved all your games! But there should be more places like for toca boca after school and this one as well. Like houses and things. But besides that I love this game! Whenever there’s a new one I’m like mommmmmmm can I get this game XD every time. Byeeee!

It doesn’t do anything in what was shown in the trailer

Ok so first off I love toca boca apps but not the hospital one. Beacause in the trailer the viruses actually worked but not in the real game like you feed them a virus and there perfectly fine that’s not how real hospitals work I mean even a virtual hospital you should be able to feed them a virus and get sick then you could treat them. And.i should mention that I am an app tester. I test a lot of games. And from my point of view I disprove that this is a good game not like a five year old would know anything about it but still it would be a big improvement if you made it to where you feed then a virus and they get sick and you could cure them.

Hey guys

Hey guys it says u can make people sick and it won’t let me I kinda want to but do as you want it’s a great game otherwise and you guys really hit the jackpot on this it’s a great achievement but I want to make people sick and cure them and I have an idea for a game you combine all the characters from all the games and have more clothes and also include every single piece of clothing from every game and add a few more then it’s like a city but call it fun city or something like that but you can play with all the characters and there will be a bigger map and you can press a button and expand it and it has a neighborhood with houses and they can get under covers and there will be like five houses then a school with recess cafeteria and a little thing where you can play if this game doesn’t happen maybe you can use that idea for toca school and it will also have a huge clothes store with baby clothes and shoes to separately so you pick ur shoes and add more is this happens tell me ur thoughts in this idea I know it will be a huge investment and hard to make but I think give it a shot millions will buy it and then the good reviews will get billions and trillions and quintillion’s playing and buying this will be the game of the year I think this will be a great business choice so I say get toca fun city going


Just buy this it is worth the money and nothing is unlocked believe me just one recommendation they should come out of there house in like a fire or something but either then that great game!!!!!!

Two New Tocas

Hi, I love your apps and I would like to suggest some more apps. First,I would suggest you make a Toca Daycare, where the babies get dropped off and the parents leave until it is time for the babies to be picked up. Another one is Toca College, High School, Middle School and Elementary. If possible,I would like for there to a dorm room on the college and you change the age and the grade. Also it would be nice to be able to connect the games so you can make storiesI recommended all changes. I ❤️you Toca Boca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many ideas! Plz read

I love the toca games and I want more! You should make a toca royalty with kings queens princesses and princess. There can be a castle and more! Also a toca zoo. With lots of animals. Oh and a toca life water park with a pool, a hot pool, a play place with a big bucket that tips out water and lots more! I got most of these ideas from other people but plz make them!

This is a good game for kids and maybe adults 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

This is a great game I have been playing this for like forever and I love it so much💖💖💖💖

Aquarium 🐬

Hi I love your games and I was thinking that you should do a “Toca Life Aquarium” like with whales, dolphins, fish, crabs, and souvenirs I think it would be a spectacular add on because you have never really done anything about the sea creatures you only did a jellyfish in “Toca Life Office” and I wanna see what you can do if you read this review maybe you could add some tanks for fish, a small pool for crabs, and a dolphin show! And Rita is MY FAVE!!! So if you decide on making my idea PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, add Rita!!


Can we get some more stuff for Toca lifeHospital because once you start playing it for a while try to get worried and like there’s no more new stuff and I so I kind a want to female so I hope you do severe changes because I really want to good burger I support it I I love all their apps


I think you guys are kind of running out of ideas. I think you should create a Toca Boca Neighborhood because it would be fun. Then in the app you could go to different peoples houses and you could include a park and pool and grocery store.


I love all of your games but the thing about this one is that there is only one building but ya I know that there is 4 Flores but oh well I just wish that there could be more buildings😉


remove rita in your next toca life game

I love this game

When I started this game I did not like it 4 months later I love it that I have all there apps now I'm waiting for toca life:after school


I think We should have a toca theme park with rollercoasters and other fun things like that there should be little food stands and there should be a hotel there also.It should kinda bee like Disney world but instead toca world it would be really fun and if you do make this game can you add a character with princess lea buns that would be amazing and have hair dye in the game.PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME

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