Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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Best games ever..

But one suggestion, can you please update it so we can make people sick with all the germs? Thanks and I love the idea for toca funeral and the secret place heaven, I just love that idea. Can you also make more toca life things? 4/5

Toca: Zoo

I really do suggest you make a toca zoo. I love animals and it would just make my day if I found that you made one. Please respond, :D


Before you begin I’ve got to admit that the game was great I liked it’s just that wasn’t what I was expecting I was expecting for you to be able to make people sick that’s with the YouTube commercial was like so that’s why I bought it please read this


I love this game it’s so fun!! When is the next one coming out I’ve been looking everyday!!! Ok I do still love this game but it’s glitching SO much. It won’t load and when it does and I go to another floor it glitches more and won’t load!!!!! Help??!!! Don’t you people fix anything!!!!!


It’s Really Amazing Creative And Fun For Me My Sister It’s Just So Much Fun This Can Keep You Busy For A Week But What I Don’t Under Stand is It’s 2.99 On Android And 3.99 On IPhone But Other Then That It’s GREAT!!!😋

Fun, but...

I love Toca Boca games. I bought all of them except for Toca Life stable. This game has to be my favorite though. But I do think it should need some fixing. First of all, in the game you can make males pregnant. That is very inappropriate and gross. You can even make children pregnant. Still, inappropriate for little kids. Second of all, some organs are alive! That’s just plain gross. Besides, you shouldn’t even be adding alive organs in this game! Third of all, if you look in floor 0 in the far left, there’s a poster there. It shows a person with a nose that’s drooling out boogers. Really!? That’s how you steal someone’s appetite! Besides all this stuff, it’s actually pretty fun.

I have some ideas❤️

Toca is my absolute favorite!!! I play every day I have 2 ideas I idea is toca life: space where you can actually go to space and I REALLY hope you make a toca avatar where you make a avatar that looks like you and that avatar shows up in EVERY toca life game thanks!!!👍🏼👍🏼 and if you can, please write back!

So fun! suggestions for next game....

Loved all the little secrets in the game, they're so fun to figure out! I was thinking Toca Life: Mermaids could turn out as a really cute well made game? Especially since the whole underwater thing could allow more creativity with locations, interior design, and music composition! Just a thought.

#1 Toca Life Game

This game is soooo fun! 🤩 I love the secret lab and the cute babies in the nursery and all of it! Toca Life Hospital is amazing! My Toca Life suggestions: - Toca Baby Care ( Where you take care of cute babies.) - Toca Movie Star ( Where you are famous and have an agent.) Thank you, Toca Boca! You really hit the spot! -

Please let them get sick!

I love this game my 2 yo loves it but it says you can get people sick and it won’t work so please let them get sick


This is not what I paid for I better get my money back right now or I’m going to your corporate office

I'm crying

I have a disease called Rocky Mountain spotted fever and you get it from a tick in the game I'm a very sick woman who is dying so that made me think of my sister in real life I was staying overnight in a hospital and it was a Wednesday night and every Wednesday night my family I goes to a church called AWANAS my moms friend had to drive her to church since my mom was with me in the hospital and at the church we do a big prayer and one person volunteers to pray for the whole church and my sister volunteered and she prayed for me

love the game, please fix this!

Hi, I’ve been playing this game for a while and I love it so much!! There is one problem I have, though. I don’t know if this is just a glitch or the new update or a glitch in the new update but when you fed the players the glowy colorful things from the cabinets in the ceiling, the players used to get effects like swirly eyes or steam out their ears and that doesn’t happen anymore! I really liked that and I hope that you fix this glitch or update the game so the effects happen again. Other than that, I LOVE this game!👍👍

Crossover 🙏🙏🙏

Can u please make it so all the other Toca Boca apps can crossover to others like if you were playing to a town the same people could go to toca hospital. I would really love it if you could. Thank you and i love your apps🤙🤙🤙🤙

The funnest game in the whole world

Hey you guys should make a Toca Boca zoo game it will be pretty awesome if you made the game Toca zoo anyways I love animals maybe you should I would Penguins in the game because it’s my favorite animal in the world and add alligators and snakes and flamingo oh and I almost forgot the babies to and Knigge animal hospital and make the animals pregnant so they have more babies than other animals in the whole world oh I almost forgot if you took a Boca people bringing pets they should have a daycare please add a daycare for their pets please add back in oh and I almost forgot bye.

Very cool but...

I love how you can use your imagination with this game. But I hate when your Recording you can’t go to a different floor Of the hospital can you pls fix this. Otherwise very good app. For little kids Update: This Game company Toca Boca Should have more free games unlike this one other than that very good game for three all the way up to about eight or nine. PLS MAKE MORE FREE GAMES!!!😝😝😝

Make a Toca Space

It would be awesome because to visit planets have your spaceship have a med bay and have robots and aliens and new pets and spacesuit and have a space station it would be awesome so please make Toca space

I love it but something happened to mine!!

I really don’t know what happened but it seems like I can’t go to the yellow colored floor anymore. Sorry about that!!


Ok, so when you find all the sloth things and bring them back to the lab, what do you do next?

It’s great but...

I love all Toca games and I think they are all amazing but I have a slight issue... I’ve seen YouTube videos where you can actually make people sick. I fed them a germ or virus and nothing happened😫. I would really appreciate it if you fixed this because it is sad that we don’t get the full experience. Please add this in🙏 Sincerely, A 13yr who loves Toca Boca games.


I love Toca Boca! I played this on my kindle then I downloaded it on my iPad and it will not let me make the people sick! Please fix! Maybe some ideas could be Mansion, Mall, Zoo, and Spa.

Did something go wrong????

I was sooooo exited when this cam out. I woke up early to wait for the exact release and I was honestly so exited to make people sick and fix them!!!!! When I fed a person a germ and I saw that nothing happend, I almost cried.😓 I’m so upset that it didn’t work and I was hoping that in an update would fix it,but almost a year later,no,still nothing.........😤😤😤 PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!

Toca boca life

I wish there was a holiday Life games


I agree with dJ fluffy paws i love his ideas but i think the sad part is toooooo much well my sister does and yes im playing on my dads phone and yes im a girl and i think that you can open only one coffin and in side theres a vampire that can turn into a bat and in the other coffins theres like other monster and ones a witch and one a franken stine and one a mad sientest and the other a ware wolf and one of the places you can go in is a warehouse and can they be separate games the wedding and the other ones but all this has to be up to you guys and dJ fluffy paws (:o to tell you thats a paw lol


I love it and I have all the toca life’s and I have one idea for toca I love Red pandas, Zebras and lions so I would do a toca life Zoo with a 2 story house and a car like the one truck thing in toca stable to move between the places and then there is a a cafatiria for the kids eat and then a gift shop and then there is a lion,tiger,zebra,otter,polar bear etc. also since you read all the suggestions you know everyone has been dying for Toca Life: World I love the red panda in pets but I want to have it in office and city also in city I think we should be able to explore all the other floors in the apartment with an elevator. I also love the idea of Toca Life: Summer. With a hotel pool game room daycare pet care (with exotic animals like lion cubs and red panda cubs etc.) gift shop and get a drivers license. Hike mountains go to the movies or just sit in your house. To get drivers license go to a drivers ed place and get in a car you can sit your person in the car and get in there will be challenges like road work, traffic deer crossing snow (opt.) and being able to actually steer if you do good you put your person in a booth close a curtain and press a button then open the curtain and there is your person and a barely visable but you can tell that it is a picture. On a card


I have one child who just turned 6 in March. I found out about Toca Boca games from my hair stylist when I was getting my hair done and had to bring my kiddo along. She became bored and luckily for her (and all of us lol) my stylist is a mom too and had her iPad ready and available for her to play with. She LOVED the games. I had to pry her iPad out of her hands and unfortunately we left with her sobbing. Later that night, after she went to bed, I went to the App Store to check this magical Toca Boca thing out and downloaded a free limited version. I soon found out just why she became obsessed with it. Toca Boca is so very unique I can’t even really explain it. It’s unlike any game we’ve ever encountered for children. For Christmas my daughter was given her own Amazon kindle with app free play (I think that’s what it’s called?) where she can play ANY game for 3 dollars a month. We quickly downloaded EVERY Toca Boca app we could find. THEN, on my iPhone, I read the daily story in the App Store about their newest app - Toca Boca hospital. The story on how it came to be, was captivating. What appealed to me was the fact that there was a room where people died. Might sound morbid, but it’s really not. The idea was that kids could go to this room, and make a character that resembles a loved one that has passed away, and it would help give them the chance to say goodbye. We are a small family. Very small. It’s always been my older sister, my mother, and myself...until my daughter graced me with her life. My mother and daughter were the bestest of friends in the world. Her Oma was her everything. When they were together, the world would quickly disappear around them. mother was diagnosed with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer a month after my kids 2nd birthday. It. Was. Crushing. A death sentence, pretty much. After a long, draining and hard fight, she lost her battle and sadly passed away in October of 2016 - a little over 2 years after her diagnosis. Thankfully she had been discharged from the hospital and upon her request was comfortable at my sisters home in her bed with my sister and I at her side. When her breathing had become more shallow, we were there to hug her and calm her and tell her we loved her over and over and over again through our tears while she slipped away. My little girl was asleep in the room with her when she passed, but wasn’t awoken by it. Anyway, it was always a huge fear of mine that she might feel as though she had never had the chance to say goodbye to her Oma and best friend. So when I saw the story on Toca Boca hospital, there was NO question or hesitation, that we were getting this app for her. I explained to her the way it worked, and that if you placed someone in that bed, that they were dead, but that it was peaceful and the way that Oma had gone and maybe she could use it to say goodbye to her and to let her know she loved her and also maybe for her to understand it a little more. She wasted no time in diving head first into the new game. In the beginning, I left her be with the game and never looked over her shoulder while she played. Only when she brought the game to me to show me things, did I get more involved. And I’ll admit, that I would open the app when she would go to bed just to see what she had created (another feature about the games they have that I absolutely LOVE). But I never altered it. It’s simply amazing the things they have done and made possible in a game. All of their games are amazing in their own way. My absolute favorite one to watch what my daughter does with, is Toca Boca Blocks. LOVE. IT. I love to see what she comes up with and what she creates. The 3 characters are all amazing and the way they’re able to create ANYTHING out of it, is simply AWESOME!!! I love each and every one of you at Toca Boca. You’re geniuses!!! Thank you SO much for your hard work and your awe inspiring creations!!!! As for the reviews that say they didn’t like a game due to it being “too scary” or that the characters “didn’t have manners and so they don’t like it”, THATS THE WHOLE POINT! Life IS scary, at times at least, and it’s a place where kids can go to be themselves at without being judged or required to have perfect manners. It gives them a break! So enjoy it for the amazing journey that it is. And don’t take everything so seriously. If you only look for the bad in things or people, then you will only find bad things and you will blind yourself from seeing all of the good things. Okey doke, that’s all I had to say in my review. Keep up the great work!!!

What Is Wrong?

Hello. Like many, I own many different Toca Life’s. Including Toca Life City. I do not know what is wrong, but at random times, when I’m starting the game, (and and this happens in many other Toca Lifes) it will just bring me back to my phone’s home page and exit the app. I do not know what’s wrong! This has been happening many times, and I am quite tired of it! Please fix it as soon as possible!

Wow it’s Amazing

I have been playing Toca Boca since I was five and now I’m Ten! The games are so much fun and I love all the little games with the hospital, office, farm, town, and city. I love when the updates come out and there are new places to go! I also like to call Toca Life Office: Superhero game because I technically just make the office into Anti- villain league and everyone is a superhero. It also doesn’t require much wifi which is great if your in the car, on a plane, in a hotel, and places where you can’t always get wifi. I recommend this game to younger ages though even if I’m still addicted to it.

Thank you developers, this game is a gift!

I LOVE ❤️ this game!!!! I am so glad I got this app and my friend told me that your other games are great too. I am never bored because there is so much to do. My only request (plz read) Is that you can make some of the characters have different hair, skin, etc. and that babies grow a little, though you can make them small again. But other than that, I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it. I do hope you make other Toca life games. One suggestion I have is a summer camp. I know it doesn't sound exciting and it might sound too much like toca school, but you could have a swimming pool, arts and crafts section, lunch room, woods, hiking trail, and what ever else. Seriously, I only have a few of your games but all of them look AMAZING and I am heartbroken 😔 (😜) that they cost money because other wise I would buy EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Anyway, never think that your apps need to change because THEY ARE GREAT THE WAY THEY ARE. Also, I agree with the idea of a Toca Zoo and waterpark.

Add a little bit more

I love it but it doesn’t have a doctors office


I love your game so I play it a lot. One day I had this idea. You know the little bacteria animals? What is you could, like feed people bacteria and that would make them sick in different ways, like, chicken pox, barfing, rashes, burns, etc. and then you would have to treat them! I haven’t had the game for long so I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that it would be much more fun that way. I know I would definitely recommend it if you added this update. Thank you for your time, I hope you read this, and I hope you’ll add it soon. Bye!

I think this game is incredible because they duplicated the rooms

That’s why I gave it5⭐️

Toca : mall and * * * * * five star review

A mall would be so cool to get stuff at and use it at some houses there would be a pizza place to get food at the a store s where you can get stuff and everything and I think this game is all the stars five stars so maybe you could get a toca boca mall .

Quality App

I downloaded this game because it look awesome, and it is, don’t get me wrong. I already found the secret lab and made up a bunch of stories for the characters, and that was very fun. The reason why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because after I made all the stories, I didn’t know what to do.i ran out of ideas, so I started exploring I found a few secrets, but still not very amused. Also, another reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you don’t go on to the app for quite some time, you lose your “progress” and all the characters are mixed up again!! Despite all the faults this game has, it’s really good, I suggest you buy it if you are full of ideas, and need something to do from time to time. P.S. Toca Boca creators, you should add beds, not hospital beds, but regular beds, so people visiting have a place to sleep!

It needs

I love this game except in needs a new building like add a house with a garden and a dog that would be amazing then you could have a place you get sick or hurt instead of just showing up and have no reason the be hurt

Potato 907

Hey toca boca. Great game. First of all why are the slothes in some of he games and second I love it. But you people should make it that you can see the broken bones on the X-ray and more people. In the secret lab you should be able to change all the slothes into a different tune of sloth like the sloth horse or a sloth moose. Thanks again toca.

I have an idea!!!! Plz read!!!

You should make a Toca life world, where kids can go to Australia, Africa and many other countries!!!! Kids would be able to learn about different countries while having fun!!!! And there could be a train, car, or plane that actually moves!!!! Plz consider my idea because I think kids all ages would love it!!! p.s I love this app it’s so fun!!! 😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Get me in that lab

how get in the lab?!?! Love the game still

Where are the Recording buttons ?

I love Toca Boca but I can’t find the recording button . There used to be a recording button on Toca office but I can’t find it anymore. Also I think that there should be a new Toca game called Toca Boca Life Worl with all the Toca Boca Life games combined

Great game but could use a house

I think the game is great. Very fun people should buy it but I wish it had a home/house for the people. Like after work.

I love but there is a bug in all Toca life’s

Ok I love the game but I can’t put anything on like a shelf if it was already there and I can place books in any game in a vertical way so yeah


Can u tell me how to get to the secret lab I don’t see a code machine where is it thank you and maybe and a house or an apartment so people can go home when they get better

Plz read toca!😕🙂

Ok first of all I’m so glad you guys are adding Rita to most toca life games! And I like this game but........ there is something I need to ask HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM SICK!! Me and my sisters have wanted to no so bad!! We’ve been trying to figure out but we just can’t!! I mean when the app was coming out you guys showed Rita sick on the video do you do it!!! Is it not true were you guys making it up or something!? Plz you say you read everything so plz let us no plz. Anyways I still really like the app and Rita with it❤️❤️❤️❤️I recommend it!

Can stop playing this!

Omg I really can’t stop playing this but I have on question why will it not make the people sick when they eat a great I’m on iOS soo is it like the App Store or what it’s still sooooooooooo fun tho txt and please make a Toca dentist office it would be my dream come true!


I love this game,but could you update all the other games so you can have new borns in them too?thanks!

Love This Game!

So, First off, I love this game. You can create your own story. The possibility’s are ENDLESS. So with that said, its a good app for all. But here is an idea for you guys At Toca Boca. So, first off, make a app that tracks the Toca Life™ apps you have, and you swipe the screen to go to the different apps you own.

Why can’t they look sick???

I saw on the computers if you eat the dangerous stuff you get sick 🤒. Why can they do that on the tablets? It would be awesome 😎. Please at least reply to this. Also please think about my idea for Toca: magical 🧙🏾‍♂️ it would be cool to have all the magical things you made into one cool place with wizards and witches ogres and trolls. Alicorns and much more! Thanks for reading my ideas! 🤗

Toca life : Mall and disneyland

Hi I was wondering if you could make a toca life mall there would be a couple clothes stores and shoe stores and a food court where you can get food and there is also three houses and a train stain that takes you to Disneyland and it’s just like the real one there’s rides you ride on and food places there Main Street where you can go to Minne’s breakfast and goofy’s breakfast or whatever it is called and you can get a hotel and it would be so fun please make this app thankyou . Please make this app goodbye

Update time

I love the Toca Life games especially Toca Hospital but I just can’t make the people sick? I researched that it was because I have an apple iPhone and that it doesn’t work with apple, so I was hoping you could make an update so that people with apple iPhones can make people sick and be able to cure them! Please consider the idea. It would be awesome to be able to cure sick people! Thank you if you do read this review I will always and forever more review Toca boca as five stars!

Great game

This is a great game and if you want my advice you should all the toca life games. Now I'm talking to you Toca Boca, why aren't you listening to everyone. Please make people from different toca life apps be able to go to different toca life games. Because what if someone from city wants to go to school or something like that.So please do it. It would be really amazing if that could happen.

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