Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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Amazing game!

This is such an amazing game for children of all ages! There are so many ways to play and so many outfits to choose! I suggest for you to continue making these amazing games! Please make a fairytale themed one with mermaids, castles, and dragons! Keep up the amazing work!

Sloths rule

It's a great game, but, there's only one down side.. it needs more sloths! And a sloth home. Like a normal sloth and some other crazy sloths... and, maybe you can enter the bus stop, and press a button or a sign with a bus on it, and the bus appears. And then, you put everyone on, and then press the button again, and your in the driveway of the hospital. Which means, you can go into the hospital driveway. Also, you should add a nursery/daycare! (Outside of the hospital). Anyways, great game! Your slothful fan, Slothy the Mutant Sloth

Toca hotel!

Please make a Toca hotel

Love it but needs one change

I love this app! The only thing I wish for is if you had, like, a house or a park or something like that. That would let me make up more stories. I also wish you could maybe make ambulance move. That would make this, like the best game ever. I really hope you do these changes. Otherwise, I love it and definitely recommend it. Bye


Ok so I am the ULTIMATE Toca Boca fan. When this app came out, the night before I could not even sleep! But finally I feel asleep and then when I woke up, first thing I did was get the app! I was like WHOA OMG!!! I love this App so much!❤️💛💚💙💜

Please make a toca zoo

I love all of the toca life apps but I think that a toca zoo would be you need a aquarium with sharks and fish and whales ,and gorillas, lions, tigers ,lamas, zebras , reptiles, sloth wolves , and if u want could you put my favorite animal a wombat it's a Australian marsupial please

I love it but

I love this app but it's just the germs do not work for some reason they love eating it I do not like that so please fix it soon ok ❤️👌🏼

Next game!

Your next game should be a train station bring you to the every toca after you go to the hospital you bring your baby home to your other children going to school,and take them on their first plane trip.then take them to the city to visit their family, and take them to grandmas farm,and their uncles ranch where they learn to ride horses.Toca you've done great but this would be may all time favorite game please make it happen we believe in you!

Toca life office

I want to thank you Toca I am so happy that it's coming out

Toca camp?😄

I LOVE this! I have ALL of the Toca bocas! I really think you should add a Toca boca camp. Not like, a family camp but a summer camp! I'm 12 and I still play this!😘

I have a suggestion for a game

Hi great game and I herd your making a Toca life office and I think you should make a Toca life pet clinic. You can add anything you want just make sure it has a built in apartment. Thank you 😍😜😘😝

New Ideas!

I love this game and it's my favorite toca there is! However I think it would be really cool to see more games with animals, like Toca Life Zoo, Toca Life Aquarium, Toca Life Vet, etc. Everyone loves animals, especially kids, so it would be fun to see more animal-centered games. It would be really cool for a zoo or aquarium if you could feed the animals, have a training center, and re-designable habitats where you can move and add things. I absolutely love the toca apps and can't wait to see what you come out with next!

Please make more

Please make more toca life's. They are my favorite iPad games. I would like any other ideas you think of toca. Thank so much. Or add updates to the previous games. Toca is my life. Please. And hurry. - toca life lover

AMAZING! But needs an update....

It's a great game but I think that it would be even better if they could go home instead of just being at the hospital. Overall it's a great game but it could use an update like I said.... All of the toca life games need an update but overall they are great games.One game I would like to play would be Toca Life: Pets. You would be a pet waiting to be adopted and can switch between pets and humans or any animal. Please do an update or make a game that you can be an animal. ( and I know that t technically we are animals but I mean like this 🐆🐅🐈🐯🦁🐱 )


Ok so the setting and the charater are amazing and all the details like to sloths and food and etc are great. The things are awesome and the germs design are so cool but one thing thes disappointing is that the germs don't work. I mean you can play by the people having broken bones. I love all the toca boca apps and they were amazing. And heard are some suggestions •toca world •toca job •toca camp •toca pool •toca amusement park(please) P.S. I know that you made toca vacation awhile a go but could you please add a pool at the hotel. Almost ever hotel I've been had one.


I love these games and all the other games but I was wondering if you could make a zombie apocalypse toca life game or a zoo, I hope you read this and at least think about it 😊.

Great game... But they cant get sick

Please please please let them get sick like in google play... 🤕😊😁otherwise good game.🎲📍👍🏾👏🏾

Love it! But.....

What's with the "headless" guy on the photo? Also, make the women actually make babies.


You guys should really do a "Toca life: Zoo" I would love that! It would be a awesome Toca life game, with animals. Like lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, turtles, etc!

How do you unlock the secret lab?


Make another Toca life game🙂

This game is very fun and y'all should make a toca life zoo or amusement park that would be awesome


This app is amazing! I have all the Toca boca apps! There is a hidden lab on the last floor of the hospital!🏥I can play this all day but eventually my battery would run low😢


I love this app, and i like how in every toca life app theres a hidden thing, and i really like the secret lab. But if there was one thing i would add it would be a house for the people to live in but other than that this game is FABULOUSSS!!!!

l LOVE THE game

You are so creative on your games.You should sooo make life zoo!!!You could have the babies from the hospital &make a area for pandas ,lions , even SLOTHS!!but also yes other app lovers put a train to put people from other apps on that sometimes I want to play another life app but not have to find new clothes for the person.Last you should make life water park 👙 Another app lover

More apps

We need a dentist or eye doctor

Game suggestion

This game is great but I have a suggestion for another toca life game. It can be called Toca life: Travel. It sounds like vacation but it can be a way to bring characters and objects to and from your toca life games. You can have an rv or something and you can put characters in it and then you can go to another toca life game and you can go to the rv in that game or some kind of button you can press and you can take those characters out and they will be in the other game. Or you can just make a way for us to transport characters through the games

I loves u toca

Pls make one called toca zoo so like there is every animal that pops in yours minds plsa do this

Creators MUST read this!!!!

I think this was really worth the price although I do wish it were cheaper! I also suggest that the creators of the game add a button or feature that allows characters to swap between games! For example: it would be really cool if a character from toca city could visit the hospital! If not, oh well, but I really suggest it!


1st idea: TOCA MALL TOCA BOCA YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUTTTTTTT 2nd idea: TOCA LIFE, TOKYO Live in Tokyo, Japan and customize your own Japanese house with festivals and market places, along with huge stores!!! 3rd idea: TOCA STUDIOS BE ONE WITH TOCA BOCA, AND PLAY AROUND THE TOCA STUDIO! YOU CAN MAKE CHARACTERS THAT LOOK LIKE EMPLOYEES THATS IT THANKUUUUU

Great but one idea

I love Toca life and I have almost all the games but one thing I think they can is the train station where you can connect all the games (the ones you have bought before and connect a hair style from Toca life city could be in Toca life school , horses from Toca life stable could come to Toca life town and it could all be possible with Toca Life Connecter AKA train station (include a some buildings so people can role play in the app to I am not the only one to request this in one way shape or form so please add the train station


Please please please make A NEW TOCA BOCA LIFE GAME!!! But I love your apps

I love it but

Can you make it so the germs actually make them sick? I play on iOS and when I feed them the germs they just eat it like any normal food! Please fix this!

Fav game ever but suggestions:

I love this game!!!!! It's so fun I play it all the time. It would be great if there was an emergency room and if the ppl could actually have babies ❤️

Okay (+ A Suggestion)

It's alright, but I'm a little confused on how to have a mother give birth to a baby (I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough, though ^^) Other than that, I'd just like to say that I absolutely adore your games and I have a lot of them. A suggestion for your next one that I have is Toca Life: Castle/Palace. I'm sure it'd be fun, with princes, princesses, jesters, etc. Just a thought.

Awesome game... But

It is a really great game but when I give them the sick pills or whatever they are they won't get sick


Hi guys! Let me just say, I am in love with ur apps! Specifically the toca life apps. They have so much variety! I have been reading through the comments, and there is this idea that a lot of people, along with me, have been thinking. TOCA ZOO! TRAIN STATIONS! And it doesn't even need to be one individual app. The train stations need to be in every app for easier access. And, also, my lil brother thinks there should be a museum with dinosaurs. Or anything dinosaurs! WAIT- NEW IDEA! How about aaaaaaaa..... HOLLYWOOD SET! There could be a shooting place, the red carpet, a mansion, and a theatre so everyone can watch the mini movie you could make. Maybe their could also be somewhere where ppl can pick little backgrounds, characters and stuff? Idk, it's up to you! I am 12 and I don't believe in being too old for these awesome apps! I have been playing before the life apps were up. Thank you!

TOCA BOCA MAKERS READ THIS please please please.

Can you say on the description bar thing where the SECRET lab IS. Because I can't find it.

Please make a seaworld game

Can you guys make a seaworld game where you can go on roller coasters and buy sweatshirts and swim with dolphins? I would totally buy this game and I love your games I have toca dance toca life hospital toca life vacation toca life city toca life school toca life stable toca hair salon 3 and I used to have toca hair salon 2

AWESOME, but have a few more game suggestions

I love this game and you still have the perfect touch. Your games are awesome and lodes of people play your games. I want to tell you what game you should make❤️❤️❤️❤️. So you should make toca zoo and add 🐦 birds and 🐯 tigers, alligator. Thanks for the games!!


Aloha,bonjour,hi,hola? Whatever anyways I've been playing toca boca ever since I was 4! I'm thinking ok making a toca aquarium it will have some fish from toca life vacation and new fish! And another AWESOME SECERET!!! I'm srry if I'm I shouting.....IM JUST SOOOOO EXCITED! Also you can make a toca life zoo, so some of the animals will be penguins, ELAPHANTS elephants 🐘 are my favorite animal. Kangaroos, giraffes, monkeys, otters, polar bears, and sooo much more. My brother suggested a playground, gift shop, restaurants ,and a house to go home . And maybe a toca theme park and dentist! I've been been asking a bit too much! Well I hope you like my ideas well...PEACE OUT!

Love this app! Toca life zoo???

Love all the toca life apps im seriously addicted to them!!! I think we all are waiting for toca life zoo!!! Will it be soon? I hope so we know instead of making a new app you are working on your clothes so hopefully soon a new app will release!


This is an amazing app! I actually suggested toca hospital in another review and boy am i glad they listened to me! I have come up with a great new toca life app. I suggested a few others in other toca life reviews. Here it is....Toca Paris!!! Where you can see the Eiffel Tower, take cooking courses, restaurants to eat at, shopping, and a small hotel to stay at. I really hope that you do this, Toca Creators, and also go with my Toca Disneyland idea that i did in Toca City review. DO BOTH...THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Thank you and please consider my ideas😄. #toca4life❤️❤️

Secret lab:instructions🔬

Here is how to get to the secret lab! 1:go to the garage level and find all five red buttons. 2:swipe as far as you can to the right. Then pull the lever on the big machine. 3:swipe more to the right. 4: Enjoy the lab!😄

⭐️Please Read⭐️

I love tocaboca but this game has one problem. When I feed the people germs they just smile and eat and nothing happens. I would really like you to fix that because I want the full experience. Thank you, You're fan⭐️

Good but...

I like it but I wish there was a house or hotel and not just a hospital. What do you do if there is a mom and baby and have no where to live please make a change


I love this game! You might have seen my review on toca life, city and toca dance, and this one is probably the best! But one thing, this is not a suggestion, but two things you should fix. 1. Did some people see the baby version of the main guy in toca life town? The yellow fluffy character? Well sometimes when I go to his section on the character line his eyes turn white and his mouth opens. It sometimes gets me. 2. If you restart the game, if you go to the baby floor, you'll see a woman character in the bed your supposed to lay in after you have a baby. She sort of looks like a boy, so please fix that. I love this game, though!👪👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👩‍👧💗💗💗💖

Toca life:hospital

It's so amazing but I can't seem to find all the buttons to the secret lab

Toca boca life circus😜😜

This game is amazing💙💚💛💜💗toca boca should make a toca life circus 😀


I love the toca life series and I have been waiting for it to come out. Also I have a suggestion for another toca life series it can be called Toca Life: Cruise Ship. I haven't worked out all the kinks but I just was thinking that there should be cruise ship and an airport. If you choose this you can work out the things in the game. I know it is almost the end of summer but I think this would be a great idea! 😁

I'm not sure I liked this

So I need more beds in the game bc there is not enough so plz fix this game

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