Toca Life: Hospital App Reviews

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Toca, please read!

So I read a review for Toca pets and they suggested a carnival but they said they wouldn’t go into detail so I am! The carnival will have a moving Ferris wheel 🎡 and a caramel apple and cotton candy booth. There will also be a ticket booth. Oh I also have an update suggestion for Toca vacation... you click where you want to go in the app and you land there(in the plane)! OK back to what I was saying there will be a gift shop with small toys and a huge slide you can go down (you actually slide down not just stand there) there will be a phone booth and a giant swing. There will also be a picture booth. One suggestion for one of the characters: blonde hair, a ponytail, a cupcake shirt, brown eyes, and jeans. Also a boy with a red hoodie, blue hair, jeans, and headphones oh and the girl has cat ears! Also there’s a petting zoo with a food machine. The rest is up to you! Bye! Thanks for reading! Ps read the long review (in Toca pets) that says “Toca, please read” maybe with an exclamation point... Bye!

I love toca ❤️💛💚🧡💙💜🖤💕

Ok I love this game so much well I love all the toca life games I have all of them love them very very much I think u need to add more babies and people

Something wacko happened....

This game is incredibly fun. I downloaded it a few weeks ago and it is super fun! But... when I got the Toca life complete bundle.... it had to download all over again! Because of that, it lost a star. Too bad! You must do something! 😫

Toca life: neighborhood!!!!!!

Please make Toca life: neighborhood comes out ASAP. It would mean the world to me if I could play it right now. It looks so fun! Thanks!


I love all the toco life games so what about making one based on Halloween

Awesome Game, but...

I love this game!! I’ve been playing it for a while and have had no problems with it. But recently I’ve tried to go to the second level, and it just quits out of the game and goes to my home screen. Am I doing something wrong? Any help or tips would be appreciated😊

I love it. Just one thing...

It’s a great game to play it keeps me entertained for a long time. But since I updated my phone to the most recent IOS it crashes before the app even opens. And I would love something like a toca zoo.

New game idea

I think it would be really cool if y’all came out with a Toca preschool! You can have a house and the school for the toddlers and add some other fun things in the mix too!!!!!!

Developers Please Read

I love your games. Just wanted to let you know you cannot use pills to make people sick on apple phones. It would be appricated if you could fix that minor kink. Thank you.

Best game ever also an idea

I have an idea for another toca boca game it can be called toca life mall where its this huge space with a bunch of stores and like 4 floors and plus like 3 houses that would be so cool!


So the germs don’t make my characters sick!!!!I have a iPhone 6s,but i want to make my characters sick!!!!Can you fix this bug???!!!-Kylee

I have an idea

This is not just for this 1 game it’s for all the toca lifes ,they should have a hair salon like the city toca life and you change the persons look on their face

Loving it!!!!!!!!

Hi I really love this game and do you think you can make a Toca boca camping game I’d really love it

An Idea (Customizing A Character)

Your games are spectacular! Job well done! But I think you should add something else. I think for every Toca life game you should add another button at the bottom of the screen where you *make* characters. This button should allow you to choose if your character is an adult, teen, child, baby, creature, etc. Then you can design it by scrolling through options in the “customizing character” part, including picking its hair, clothes, facial features, etc. Well just an idea. Thank you!



This is cool!

I think this is amazing but can you make your apps join? Pls

Awesome 🤩🤩🤩

Ok this app was great I was my first time on buying this app so Why do you have your children will love it

Not a huge fan of this one...

Let me start by saying that most of your life games are super fun and enjoyable, but this one is one of my least favorites. I think that you guys tried to emphasize the hospital feel too much, and I think it would be better if their were some graphic and design changes to make it feel more homey. Speaking of homes I wish you had made an actual home for someone instead of the little bed and stove in the basement. That would be a nice update too. BUT... I am rlly excited for Toca Life World because the hospital will be much more usable combined with the other play sets. But these ideas would still make a nice update to the hospital building!!👍 Thanks and I hope you read this

Love it 😍

I love this game but whenever I give them germs they don’t get sick and just eat it. I wish it would do like in the video.

I can’t make people sick

I bought the app and I feed the person the virus but it doesn’t work I feel ripped off and I’m very sad. Please fix I really want it to work. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😞


Can I have a refund please

BEST EVER!,!,!,!!!,:!!!!,!!!


Please make a wedding

I think you should make a wedding to a boca because you guys haven’t made one in a long long long while!!😋

Secret lab is so cool

The secret lab in the basement is the coolest little secret! If you press all the hidden buttons in the basement, flip a switch, and go through an opening in the wall, you can go to a secret lab with a “slothzilla” inside. Coolest secret ever!

Great game!!

I think this game is extremely amazing! I think that there should be baby carriers to carry the babies. That is all I got to say not the best about the game, so peace out✌🏻


I think this game is amazing there should be a toca life game where you can make your own toca life world you can bring in different buildings from each of the games and make your own toca game and you could make it so you could customize the characters you want

Toca Life Aquarium or Zoo

Hello Toca Boca! I know you get lots of reviews and suggestions and work hard, but please at least skim over my suggestions. I think you should make toca life Zoo! It would be so fun and totally worth money. You could have gift shops or even be the Zoo keeper feeding all the animals! Inside the zoo, you could make an aquarium! I love all your apps but I love animals too! (More than ppl in the game) lol! Goodbye Toca Boca!

Make a new Toca life

Hey guys I want to let you know before I forget but I was wondering if you guys could make a toca game for free called Toca Life it is about what all you do in life it has those buildings and homes and it is from when you are born to die so you can get pregnant get married have a funeral and please add in this secret spots and can you make for free please that would be so wonderful because I love your Toca life games they make me happy and teach me what to do in life sometimes so please everyone has suggestions and I also wanted to ask if you could put in everyone from what they look like birth to death I hope that makes but please and thank you

Hey what's up I love this game have a suggestion though

Like Pokemon game it won't be ripping off It would be really great it would just be making Better and cuter right?! Please do this From your biggest fan Lili faith


I really want you to make it zoo


So fun and I love the janitor cart

Love it

I really love this game, it’s like any other but it had lore of those toy things. And what they are doing with the sloth like creatures. I always love toca life with every one of them having a sloth, this is amazing! Thanks for another toca life experience:)


I love this game but I just wanted to know if you can add in so you can give the characters something and they will look sick. Like there used to be

Fix pls

Hi my name is Sofia and I love these games. But, when I try to make the characters sick in this game it won’t work so if you can please check that out. Thx

Best app ever!!!!! And a idea

By fluffy puppy! Hi toca Boca I have all of your games and I love this one!!! And you should make a toca life dance game!! I LOVE YOU TOCA BOCA!!!!!!

Not as fun as i was hoping

Don’t get me wrong, it is a fun app. But I only hate it for one reason, you can’t make them sick. I hate how you can only make them sick on android. I will only give it 5 stars if you make it so you can make them sick on apple. If you don’t this will stay 4 stars forever. 😡😡


Can you please make people sick.

Best games ever..

But one suggestion, can you please update it so we can make people sick with all the germs? Thanks and I love the idea for toca funeral and the secret place heaven, I just love that idea. Can you also make more toca life things? 4/5

Toca: Zoo

I really do suggest you make a toca zoo. I love animals and it would just make my day if I found that you made one. Please respond, :D


Before you begin I’ve got to admit that the game was great I liked it’s just that wasn’t what I was expecting I was expecting for you to be able to make people sick that’s with the YouTube commercial was like so that’s why I bought it please read this


I love this game it’s so fun!! When is the next one coming out I’ve been looking everyday!!! Ok I do still love this game but it’s glitching SO much. It won’t load and when it does and I go to another floor it glitches more and won’t load!!!!! Help??!!! Don’t you people fix anything!!!!!


It’s Really Amazing Creative And Fun For Me My Sister It’s Just So Much Fun This Can Keep You Busy For A Week But What I Don’t Under Stand is It’s 2.99 On Android And 3.99 On IPhone But Other Then That It’s GREAT!!!😋

Fun, but...

I love Toca Boca games. I bought all of them except for Toca Life stable. This game has to be my favorite though. But I do think it should need some fixing. First of all, in the game you can make males pregnant. That is very inappropriate and gross. You can even make children pregnant. Still, inappropriate for little kids. Second of all, some organs are alive! That’s just plain gross. Besides, you shouldn’t even be adding alive organs in this game! Third of all, if you look in floor 0 in the far left, there’s a poster there. It shows a person with a nose that’s drooling out boogers. Really!? That’s how you steal someone’s appetite! Besides all this stuff, it’s actually pretty fun.

I have some ideas❤️

Toca is my absolute favorite!!! I play every day I have 2 ideas I idea is toca life: space where you can actually go to space and I REALLY hope you make a toca avatar where you make a avatar that looks like you and that avatar shows up in EVERY toca life game thanks!!!👍🏼👍🏼 and if you can, please write back!

So fun! suggestions for next game....

Loved all the little secrets in the game, they're so fun to figure out! I was thinking Toca Life: Mermaids could turn out as a really cute well made game? Especially since the whole underwater thing could allow more creativity with locations, interior design, and music composition! Just a thought.

#1 Toca Life Game

This game is soooo fun! 🤩 I love the secret lab and the cute babies in the nursery and all of it! Toca Life Hospital is amazing! My Toca Life suggestions: - Toca Baby Care ( Where you take care of cute babies.) - Toca Movie Star ( Where you are famous and have an agent.) Thank you, Toca Boca! You really hit the spot! -

Please let them get sick!

I love this game my 2 yo loves it but it says you can get people sick and it won’t work so please let them get sick


This is not what I paid for I better get my money back right now or I’m going to your corporate office

I'm crying

I have a disease called Rocky Mountain spotted fever and you get it from a tick in the game I'm a very sick woman who is dying so that made me think of my sister in real life I was staying overnight in a hospital and it was a Wednesday night and every Wednesday night my family I goes to a church called AWANAS my moms friend had to drive her to church since my mom was with me in the hospital and at the church we do a big prayer and one person volunteers to pray for the whole church and my sister volunteered and she prayed for me

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